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The International Symposium on Music Acoustics
ISMA 2010

26-27 August 2010 Sydney Convention Centre and 30-31 August 2010 Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia

ISMA is traditionally held every three years or so in geographical and temporal proximity to the International Congress on Acoustics. The geographical proximity elected the present team of organisers, and the temporal proximity put the meeting in one of the cooler months.

This time, ISMA 2010 is a satellite meeting of ICA 2010. The two meetings have a two day overlap in Sydney before ISMA moves 100 km West and 1 km up to Katoomba, in the Blue Mountains.

ISMA 2010 is supported by the Australian Acoustical Society, the School of Physics of the University of New South Wales, the International Commission on Acoustics and an anonymous benefactor.

The proceedings are edited by John Smith and the conference organised by Joe Wolfe, with secretarial assistance from Patricia Furst and a conference software package written by Terrance McMinn.

We welcome you to Sydney and Katoomba.